Gail & Wei in London

    The level of dedication Gail & Wei put in their couple shoot is really admirable. First they braved London’s chilly and drizzle-drenched streets, retracing the memories they’ve created in this beautiful town… Each location we visited had a special story and held a place in their hearts, so even despite the unfavourable weather conditions, we managed to make some amazing shots. On the next day, we took a road trip from London to Wales. Besides being utterly in love with each other, Gail & Wei are as equally as in love with the British countryside and therefore chose it for the second part of their couples shoot. For the location we chose Gospel Pass, the highest road pass in Wales, where we were faced with even more brutal weather – it was wet, it was cold, the wind was lashing us mercilessly… Again, they defied it all with smiles and laughter (some of which may or may not be a direct result of yours truly falling on his, hmm, behind, whilst trying to get that perfect shot, as you do), showing us all that where there is will, there’s a way and that love keeps you warm! It was truly a unforgettable experience and I am immensely grateful to Gail & Wei for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.

    Enjoy their story:

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