Hello there!

    My name is Viktor and I'm a destination wedding photographer based in Croatia. Wedding is a story that needs to be preserved in the best possible way, and my photos do just that. Memories that will be a little work of art and have enduring value. I'm trying to create something new, original and worthy of attention. It is very important to me to create a friendly relationship with the newlyweds, as the easiest way to achieve desired results is in a relaxed atmosphere and with mutual cooperation. Catching the emotions, spontaneous smiles and above all love .. that's my goal.

    When I look around me, my eyes seek harmony... the sky reflecting its soul in the mirror-like sea surface, the trees dancing to the gentle hum of the wind, two people in love breathing each other's love, visually embodying it and creating the focal point of my search for the ultimate harmony...

    Croatia Wedding Photographer