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    Wedding is a story that needs to be preserved in the best possible way, and my photos do just that. Memories that will be a little work of art and have enduring value. I'm trying to create something new, original and worthy of attention. It is very important to me to create a friendly relationship with the newlyweds, as the easiest way to achieve desired results is in a relaxed atmosphere and with mutual cooperation. Catching the emotions, spontaneous smiles and above all love .. that's my goal.

With great excitement and pleasure, I’m presenting you with a new offer to accompany your wedding story! Lara, whos wedding you saw in the previous post, not only did design and hand made her wedding dress (how amazing, right?!) but she further made her wedding that much more special and personal and unique by utilizing her amazing talent and designing the cover of their wedding photo-book, the illustrations that beautifully enrichen the inside pages of the book and their wedding invitations… So Lara and I thought, why not offer this privilege to everyone who is interested. For further information, please contact me!

Opatija, end of July…the asphalt was melting that day, it was boiling hot..but Lara & Filip bravely pushed it through the day (and night), smile didn’t leave their faces…so kudos to you guys, you really made it easy and above all fun to document your special day, you rock!

Ivana & Noa got married at the city hall in Rijeka one sunny afternoon in May, followed by a diner reception for family & friends at the beautiful courtyard of the hotel Villa Ariston, near Opatija…it was a perfect small relaxed wedding and it was a real pleasure to be a part of it! Here’s a little recap of the day, I’m really pleased with the way photos turned out, Ivana & Noa were a joy to photograph, the light was on our side and Rijeka served as a perfect backdrop for this cosmopolitan couple.. Thank you once again Ivana & Noa, love you guys!

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