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    Wedding is a story that needs to be preserved in the best possible way, and my photos do just that. Memories that will be a little work of art and enduring value. I'm trying to create something new, original and worthy of attention. It is very important to me to create a friendly relationship with the newlyweds, as the easiest way to achieve desired results is in a relaxed atmosphere and with mutual cooperation. Catching the emotions, spontaneous smiles and above all love .. that's my goal.

This was my first wedding in Zagreb…I was both excited and nervous, I had many questions in my head seeing as I’m not too familiar with the city and it’s streets…but I was certain of one thing – I was going to make this right. Sandra & Alexander eased me in with their cool and calm demeanour…they’re in love and they’re tying the knot, that was all that matters…I followed their lead and here is the final result. Enjoy

This is example of a wedding book. Photos are carefully selected, arranged and printed on the highest quality photo paper. Large format for you and smaller for your parents, godparents .. beautiful and everlasting memories of your wedding and definitely the most valuable book on your shelf;)